Adobe Acrobat Reader

You have reached the help page to assist you in downloading (free to anyone) Adobe Acrobat Reader. Many computers have it already pre-installed, but if not and you're not able to get into the .pdf file you're trying to access, here's a quick synopsis of where to go from here.

Click the Adobe Reader icon. This will take you directly to Adobe's web site.
1) Click the Download button
2) A box will appear asking where you want to save this. Scroll up to choose Desktop (if you'd like the shortcut icon to appear on your desktop)
3) It wil then begin downloading
4) Once it's finished the download, click "Install Now"
5) Click to agree to Software Licensing
6) Choose U.S. as your country
7) Click "Install", and "Finish" as it leads you through several more boxes
8) It will finally say that the set-up is completed

We suggest that you then restart your computer, and once you do, you should be able to access any .pdf files (not only ours but any on the web), for user-friendly & uniform printing.

Also, please note that these directions refer to Adobe 7.0. If they update to a newer version then there may be an alteration in the downloading step-by-step directions.

Any questions, please email and we'll try to help you through it.